The Exhibition is almost here! September 16th and 17th

10 09 2017

Our biennial exhibition is next weekend.  We will have a wonderful display of quilts, wallhangings, bags, cushions and lots of other fabric related items.  There will be traders, a tombola and a sales table.  There will be wonderful food and drink so come for morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea because we are as famous for our catering as we are for our sewing!

Opening hours are 10am to 4.30pm both days, admission £2.

We will be raffling our group quilt (photo below) and both the raffle and tombola are raising funds for The Chamwell Centre at Milestone School in Gloucester.

Raffle quilt photo 2017


An Evening with Kate Findlay April 2017

4 09 2017

Kate spoke at our evening meeting in April.  She brought along some of her latest work which is very innovative as well as some of her Hadron Collider Quilts which some of us had seen at the West Country Quilt Show.  Kate is an excellent and enthusiastic speaker and we we were enthralled by the description of how she had designed and made these quilts using a vast array of ‘non patchwork’ fabrics.  It was wonderful to see them up close and to understand what had driven her to create them. Many of us had imagined her a scientist but she has in fact been an art teacher.


Transfer Printing with Mary Gamester April 2017

4 09 2017

BQ members have always enjoyed printing, dying and painting workshops but this one was the first time most of us had tried using transfer paints.  For a start buying fabric which has a significant amount of polyester goes against the grain for us as patchworkers.  We found sheets from Amazon or Dunelm did the job at an excellent price.  Mary inspired us all with her samples and her enthusiasm.  The colours when you paint them on paper are often very different to the much paler colours that are achieved when you transfer to fabric so there is a lot to learn.  You can of course use the paint on any man made fabric like organza and lutradur.

I was excited to find that you could use one piece of painted paper to achieve several fabric images and at the end, you still had a lovely piece of paper that could be use in mixed media work.  I have used several of my samples in my journal quilts for the Quilters guild contemporary quilt group.  Below you can see a couple of pieces of Mary’s work followed by some of the painted and printed paper. I used lutradur with circular masks to print the blue piece which I used with lots of other painted and printed fabric in my journal quilt which is the bottom image.

IMG_9083 (2)IMG_9107 (2)IMG_9087 (2)IMG_9088 (2)IMG_0086 (2)IMG_0285 (2)

Deborah O’Hare Workshop July 2017

4 09 2017

We had a wonderful day painting fabric for landscapes with Deborah.  We were lucky with the weather and so our fabric dried quickly in the sun.  We experimented with a range of colours to provide fabric for seascapes, sunsets, skies and earth. We rolled, folded and sprinkled salt and well as brushing and dripping the paint on to the fabric to investigate different effects.  We all walked away with plenty of ideas and fabric for the future.  Now the challenge is to use the fabric as mine is beautifully ironed and folded but waiting for a project!