Mandy Pattullo Workshop June 4th 2016

22 09 2016

Mandy Pattullo had a wonderful exhibition at the Festival of Quilts in 2013 and having seen it, Georgina was determined to book Mandy for a workshop at Brockhampton Quilters.  We had to wait literally years but the experience was more than worth the wait!

Mandy arrived, laden with more samples of work than any teacher has ever shown and she was incredibly generous in letting us touch and photograph to our hearts content.

She provided us with used pieces of old very worn Durham quilts as our base fabric to applique on.  Those who know me will know that I am not a fan of applique but in this case, the soft worn base was a delight to work on and I was totally converted to this way of working.  And no worrying too much about uneven edges or large stitches  – all part of folk art applique in Mandy’s style!

We had a wonderful day – no one wanted to stop and several pies were finished in the days after the workshop.  Mandy brought many pieces of her work for sale and they were snapped up as we fought to buy our favourites.  I am writing this whilst looking at two loves vases of fabric flowers adorning my mantel piece.  I had planned to give one as a present but I just can’t bear to part with either of them just yet…..  (if ever!)

Mandy has just had her first book published and it is a beautiful informative and inspiring  volume – one to be ogled over but also used to create lovely pieces of art.  Mandy also has a great website and 2 blogs where she posts about what she is making and her work with memory, loss and identity:

There is also an excellent interview with her on  where she talks through how she creates a piece step by step with photos and a second piece about her work on memory. They are both fascinating.

Memento Mori by Mandy Pattullo

Below you can see Jeanette’s finished piece:


You can see more photos from our day here:

Mandy Pattullo folk art applique