Quilting Challenges

4 01 2016


Some of us enjoy a challenge – we always have one for our exhibition (silver this year) as most groups do. The photo below shows the cover and one page of the amazing stitched book made by Sue H which won the challenge.  Georgina, our chair has promised the group one that she will set for us for 2016.  We wait with bated breath…

My personal one for 2015 was to complete a year of journal quilts with the Quilters Guild contemporary group.  The only specification was size (12 inches by 6 inches).  The quilts could be landscape or portrait; once chosen you had to stick with the same orientation for all twelve. I took David Hockney as a starting point and tried out a few new techniques like acrylic ink painting and different ways of making landscapes.  The requirement is only to upload photos at least every 4 months.  Some people upload each month but as usual I ended up just making the August (May, June, July and August quilts) and the December (September, October, November and December) deadlines with a few days to spare.  It has been fun to see what the other participants produce and best of all for me has been tying new techniques that I have really enjoyed.  The photo above shows my 12 journal quilts.  Now I am looking forward to 2016 and promising myself not to leave them to the last minute!




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