Brockhampton Quilters in 2015

1 02 2015


The BQ committee has been busy organising our events, workshops, meetings and trips for the year as well as starting to work on the same for 2016. Many well known quilters are booked up a a year or even two in advance so it is essential to plan that far ahead. 2015 is a busy year for us so I put together a calendar for the year which will be on this website. When I counted up we had 35 meetings, workshops, trips, talks and exhibitions. That doesn’t include our young quilters mornings, as well as time making things for our exhibition sales table and tombola and our group quilts and BOM.

It sounds a lot doesn’t it? Maybe it is too many for a relatively small group some might say. But what it does mean is that we are offering a huge range of choice. Some people love Sit and Sew which gives them a chance to meet in a smaller group, to hand sew and to chat with like minded friends. Others love the chance to take workshops with great teachers like Angie Hughes and to spend a whole day being inspired to try something new. Whatever your interest there is definitely something for everyone!

So after a busy January meeting catching up with friends and table hopping and a lovely Sit and Sew we are gearing up for our 12 hour Quiltathon. We will be fundraising for bowel cancer research and making Linus quilts and smaller items for the exhibition. If the last one was anything to go on it will be a fun relaxed day with lots of chatting, good food and sewing for the benefit of others of course. One of our members said that she couldn’t wait to spend a whole day sewing with no interruptions – a treat in itself without the benefit of helping others.

The quilt above is the string quilt that I made for Linus during our last Quiltathon. Next time I might use wider strips so it is quicker to make but I really loved doing it and giving away something you love is good for the soul!




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