Stephanie Redfern Workshop

24 06 2014

IMG_0948 IMG_0959 IMG_0951 IMG_0953

We had a great workshop with Stephanie on Saturday.  She was very inspiring and it was interesting to do a workshop where the results were all so different, reflecting the style and interest of those attending.  I set out to produce a piece inspired by the pond and the bird statue but I ended with something quite different to where I started.  The day opened my eyes to the possibilities of stitching on Khardi paper and the postive impact of white space. Stephanie uses a wide range of fabric and paper and often cuts a piece of fabric into pieces, positioning it with gaps in between the separate parts. It changes the impact of the fabric to cut it into strips or pieces.


Sit and sew at Maggie’s Cheltenham

11 06 2014

We really enjoyed a relaxing evening when Maggie’s opened for us to sit and sew last week.  we have fund raised for this charity and it was great to see the calm and beautiful building that is no doubt a haven for those with cancer and for their friends and relatives.  I wish it had existed when I had treatment as I could see what a huge difference it could make.  You can see Sue and Sue looking very relaxed as they sewed!