Looking back on 2013 and looking forward to 2014

15 12 2013

In the last month, Brockhampton Quilters have enjoyed an evening meal cooked by local caterers and a lively AGM meeting.  There were 30 members at the November meal plus baby William (not something I write often in connection with BQ!) and it was great to enjoy a social evening with entertainment with so many friends.  The committee had suggesting subsidising the meal to celebrate another very successful exhibition and we also made further donations to Maggies Centre in Cheltenham for whom we had raffles our charity quilt. Below you can see Jennie (our youngest member), her Mum Jane and friend Karen holding baby William who I can report really enjoyed his first brockhampton quilters meeting!

The AGM generated a lot of discussion about charity quilts ( traditional or modern, hand quilted or machine) and led to a decision to do both!  We also discussed the cost of speakers and more significantly their travel costs.  Lots of views on this were expressed but generally we are fund raising enough to pay for the national/ international speakers that we enjoy at several of our meetings.  For me, it is one of the main reasons for belonging to the group and I get huge enjoyment and inspiration from all of them.  This year alone we have enjoyed the work of Edwina MacKinnon (twice!), Maryke Philips, Amanda Clayton, and Helen Keenan as well as a talk from the Empress Mills team and from Diane and Jim Gaffney.  For a small rural group at a cost of £25 a year, that is quite a line up.  Often these speakers lead to workshops the following year (as with Jan Hassard this year) and for 2014 we have workshops set up with Ineke Berlyn, Maryke Philips, Stephanie Redfern and Helen Keenan The workshops are opened up to non members and often attract quilters who then join the group.  We also have our own members leading workshops so this year we will enjoy workshops with Jeanette and with Liz Clark (fabric flowers again!).  You can join us for £26 next year or just come as a visitor for £3 – we’d love to see you.