First fabric Flower Workshop November 2nd

3 11 2013

A room full of adults, children and young people enjoyed a great workshop led by Liz Clark on Saturday.  Her own fabric flowers inspired by Gillian Travis looked great on the display table and inspired everyone to get started on their own blooms.  Liz is a great teacher and exudes confidence so it was a successful day.  It was great to see the young quilters who just go for it and are happy to be creative and ignore our guidance!  This led to 7 petalled flowers from Helen, alternating petals in different fabrics with 6 different beads from Amy and lots of other ambitious fabric/stitch combinations.  Georgina made a smaller flower (76% sized templates) and Linda  made bigger ones  whilst everyone else stuck to the template for their first attempt.  I spent most of the day supporting Liz, explaining the right size of zig zag stitch (if only everyone had a Bernina!) and cutting up florist wire for the petals and stamens so not a stitch did I sew for myself but it was all great fun.  Liz had the brilliant idea of bringing along an empty vase and asking us to add our flowers as they were completed.  It was such fun to see it fill up. below you can see Liz demonstrating with Deb, Sheila and maureen watching, Helen’s 7 petalled flower and several pictures that I think show all the flowers made apart from Georgina’s as that was finished after she had supported everyone else and served a lovely lunch!

IMG_8555 IMG_8578 IMG_8602 IMG_8606 IMG_8605 IMG_8586


October Meeting with Helen Keenan

3 11 2013

We had an inspiring and exciting talk by Helen at our October meeting. She gave us a slideshow of how digital images inspired her and led to an idea for a quilt.  This was followed by her showing us many of the actual quilts she had made.  The colour, stitching, detail and ideas were absolutely breathtaking and very inspiring.  The room was full with almost all our members present  so we provided a receptive and grateful audience for what proved to be a brilliant evening.    I was particularly taken with a small flower quilt that had been designed to go outside  and had survived months in the sun and rain.  It was soft and a little frayed but looked remarkably good considering where it had been.  I’m planning something similar for for sculpture in the garden next year. Helen’s website is here and well worth a look:

Her photo galleries show many of the quilts that we enjoyed.