Reflections on what makes us happy!

12 05 2013

Reflections on what makes us happy!

The two things that make me most happy are sewing and gardening. When it rains, I think that means I can sew and when it’s sunny, I head for the weeds, trowel in hand. So in many ways, I don’t mind what the weather does though I do like a balance between sun and rain.

Over the last few weeks I have been in the garden whatever the weather because we’re opening it for cancer charities next weekend. That means I’ve done rather less sewing so it was great that I was committed to the Jan Hassard Dazzling Diamonds Saturday workshop a couple of weeks ago. What better way to spend a day than with like minded people, with friends new and old being taught something exciting by such a skilled teacher. I went home a happy sewer to do some gardening…..
In the photo you can see the quilt that Georgina made in the workshop. I love those batiks so much I may have to make another one! I love the way her feet, the top of her head and her fingers peep out from the edges of the photo but I guess it helps show the size of the quilt!




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