Exhibition at Leamington Spa

31 12 2012

Liz and I escaped our assorted family members (children, mother in law, husband, fiancee and girlfriend) and spent an enjoyable half hour in the Leamington Art gallery and museum looking at the exhibition of quilts called Through our hands.  It is the work of 10 modern textile artists each of whom has 2 or 3 exhibits.  Liz loved the bird by Laura Kemshall and i was particularly taken by the quilt called Travellers’ blanket made by Australian Dijanne Cevaal.  If you are in the area, it is free, runs until January 1IMG_28453th and well worth a look.  It is closed on Mondays but open until 8pm on Thursdays.




I couldn’t resist this because it is oh so true….

5 12 2012

And having been to the Oakshott sale I now have even more fabric that falls into several of these categories!  I particularly love the fact that the smallest sector represents  ‘fabric you buy for a specific project’