10th Festival of Quilts

15 08 2012

10th Festival of Quilts

The Festival starts this week. Liz and I both have a mini quilt in the miniature section (701 and 702). I was reading a blog this week and the writer talked about her entry for the festival. I thought, how exciting that was and then remembered that I too have entered albeit a rather small exhibit! I was inspired by the David Hockney exhibition called The Bigger Picture and so created a rather small picture and Liz was inspired by mine and by David Hockney.

My holiday sewing is not going that well but all commissions are now completed and I have made a few extra fabric boxes and coasters. I have mostly been busy with setting up and cleaning the holiday cottage which is now sorted. We have been graded 5* and scored 99%. I went from expecting 4* to wondering where we lost the 1 mark but as you know I am a perfectionist in some things.




One response

15 08 2012

Will be looking out for your mini quilt tomorrow.

Even when I saw your holiday cottage last year I could see it would be 5 star and now you will have furnished I expect it looks top dollar. 99% is something to be proud of.

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