Would you buy a house like this?

15 08 2012

Would you buy a house like this?

I came across this photo yesterday just after we’d received the grading for the Bothy, now know as ‘The Barn Reborn’.

We never saw our house in this state (thank goodness, even we wouldn’t have started from here) but it does make me realise just what we are capable of when we put our minds to it!


10th Festival of Quilts

15 08 2012

10th Festival of Quilts

The Festival starts this week. Liz and I both have a mini quilt in the miniature section (701 and 702). I was reading a blog this week and the writer talked about her entry for the festival. I thought, how exciting that was and then remembered that I too have entered albeit a rather small exhibit! I was inspired by the David Hockney exhibition called The Bigger Picture and so created a rather small picture and Liz was inspired by mine and by David Hockney.

My holiday sewing is not going that well but all commissions are now completed and I have made a few extra fabric boxes and coasters. I have mostly been busy with setting up and cleaning the holiday cottage which is now sorted. We have been graded 5* and scored 99%. I went from expecting 4* to wondering where we lost the 1 mark but as you know I am a perfectionist in some things.

Update on my summer project list

5 08 2012

Update on my summer project list

Make my miniature for Festival of quilts – done

Make the 3 bags commissioned during arts week – 2 done and delivered, 3rd started

That’s it from the list so not brilliant so far though I have made some lovely coasters and some fabric boxes for a friend. I’ve also made some hexagons, finished a few fabric pears and watched a lot of the olympics.