A Saturday workshop with Alicia Merrett

16 07 2012

Usually when we meet for a workshop in June or July some of us are secretly wishing we were in the garden enjoying the sun.  No risk of that this week as it rained for most of the day so we were happy to be inside.  After a very late start we enjoyed looking at Alicia’s map quilts and hearing about the inspiration that led to these original quilts.  I particularly like the night one made in navy blue but the green fields were also very satisfying to the eye.

We learnt how to do a curved seam (much easier than you might think) and how to insert a strip of fabric, thin, thick or a mixture, and straight or curved in between 2 pieces of fabric.  Once we had done that we played a bit and then set about creating rows of houses and gardens and roads and fields.  Some of the class used their imagination,  started creating their map and were well on the way to a small wall hanging.  Others probably needed a bit more direction.  I for one, lack imagination and am much happier when I start something new to have a few instructions to follow and something definite to aim for before I launch out on my own.  I think that there will be finished maps but for some there will be a few good techniques learnt and another unfinished project.  But then that’s how it goes sometimes!

You can see some photos here


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Quiltathon in September – don’t forget your sponsor form and fabric for Linus quilts

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