I really want to make one of these Oakshott tree quilts…

28 02 2012

I have the kit so it needs adding to the list of quilts to make.

12 Trees Quilted



Fabric Diet almost complete!

27 02 2012
  • On Wednesday my self imposed fabric diet will end and no doubt I’ll start buying fabric again but it’s been relatively satisfying to have a break and spend less money.  So no fabric has been bought but I have bought a new olfa cutter, some zips, some ribbon, some felt and a couple of books.  Patchwork and quilting isn’t a cheap hobby but I find it an immensely satisfying one.  If only I was better at finishing what I start but I’m realistic enough to know that I won’t change now.  I’m looking forward to our speaker in March whose talk is titled  ‘You don’t have to finish it!’  It could be chosen for me…

Meanwhile on the go at the moment are:

  • handquilting a small Rouenneries quilt
  • getting a large Oakshott lap quilt ready to  machine quilt
  • working on the piecing of my Metrolink Quilt for Joshua’s room
  • some wool pear pincushions and needlecases
  • a Noriko Endo bluebell picture to complete
  • a memorial quilt to plan

and a host of other projects some started, most still in my head, too many to mention!

Below you can see one of the Linus quilts made by Sue Grundy.  Isn’t it lovely?

Festival of Needles

5 02 2012

It is not something I have heard of before but the Japanese hold a Festival of Needles, Hari-Kuyo on February 8th ever year.  Women bring their broken or worn out needles to the ceremony to thank them for good service and they lay them to rest in jelly or tofu cakes.

The tradition has its roots in Buddhism and is based on the belief that even animated objects have a soul.

It seems appropriate that we are making needle books on February 8th this year.

There is a piece about it here  http://plays-with-needles.blogspot.com/2012/01/hari-kuyo-my-book-of-needles-and-next.html

Here are some links for ideas for needle cases and there are photos in an older post:

Hexagon  http://mythreesonsknit.blogspot.com/2010/05/hexagon-needle-book-tutorial_1452.html

Patchwork  http://nanacompany.typepad.com/nanacompany/2011/10/needlebook-tutorial-by-nanacompany.html

Toadstool http://generationqmagazine.com/2011/12/everyday-handmade-needle-book-pattern-and-a-challenge/


Sit and Sew in January

5 02 2012

There were 16 members at the Winchcombe  Sit and Sew in January and we almost ran out of seats and cake!  There was a lot of chatting, laughing and sewing and a good time was had by all.  If you weren’t there, do join us next month!  Jeanette demonstrated her January Block of the Month and will do the next one in February.