Happy New Year 2012!

3 01 2012

Although I know myself and know that making new year resolutions isn’t wise I’m still going to make a list for 2012.

So here goes

  • fabric diet for a couple of months (apart from furnishing the Bothy)
  • keep a sewing diary to record what I’m doing
  • start doing OurDailyChallenge on Flickr again
  • try to post a photo to http://www.tumblr.com/blog/susaninwinchcombe most days
  • make sleeves for several projects still hanging on the banisters
  • make a Roman blind for Joshua’s window (I’ve been promising for years and years!)
  • piece the metroland quilt for Joshua before I start the chopsticks one
  • take an online patchwork course
  • use up or sell some of my fabric
  • make more pears….
  • reduce the number of sewing and cookery books that I buy
  • walk for 30 minutes every day
  • use the Wii fit twice a week (I love it when I do!)
  • spend more time actually sewing and knitting and less time prevaricating about what to do
  • watch less television and read more books
  • eat smaller portions, make more soup and spend less on food
  • grow more in the garden and make my own bread
  • have more short breaks (actually have some short breaks!)
That’s quite a lot but I’ve just signed up for the online course and made 2 loaves of soda bread (I know it’s not real bread but it’s quick and tasty!) and posted 2 photos to tumblr.  Now I’m off for a walk and this afternoon I’m going to sew those sleeves and get Richard to hang the quilts. And I’ve made a rather nice pear for my friend Mary and am finishing another.
What are you going to do/not do this year?
Happy New Year!




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