Ideas for Needlecases?

20 01 2012

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Quiltmania -mystery quilt/block of the month

19 01 2012


I love Quiltmania magazine, it’s the one that I never miss buying not least because it often has Japanese quilts in and they always amaze and inspire me.

On the Quiltmania website for free is their applique block of the month quilt for 2011.  You can see it in the photo.

They also have the first part of their mystery quilt for 2012.  Again it seems to have a lot of applique!  It is designed by Yoko Saito who has written lots of patchwork books.  She has made some videos to show the construction of the first block and these are available for free on the website.  The good news is that she is speaking French not Japanese.  Now what could be better – the chance to watch a master at work and to practice your French at the same time!

The videos are here

Happy sewing

Resolutions going well but the house looks sad without the Christmas decorations…

9 01 2012

I discovered (to my cost) that from November 1st 2011 it is only possible to buy from outside the EU goods to the value of £15 before VAT is added (it was £18). That’s not too bad but the post office add a handling charge.  This has helped with my fabric diet.

I have bought a cookery book but it did come from Oxfam and I have made a recipe from it already.

I am posting photos to most days and I have rejoined the photo daily challenge and posted a few photos.

I have sewn sleeves onto 3 wallhangings and spent an hour last night cutting fabric for Joshus’s quilt and finished another pear.

I walked 18000 steps in London last week and have walked most other days – wearing a pedometer encourages me to do more.

And if you’d like to make this adorable penguin, the pattern and tutorial is available here for free:  Now where did I put all that black and white fabric…..




A Christmas present for my Mum

5 01 2012

I was really pleased with this little picture for my Mum for Christmas.  It’s much richer in real life.  We’re going to mount it on a black covered board.

Happy New Year 2012!

3 01 2012

Although I know myself and know that making new year resolutions isn’t wise I’m still going to make a list for 2012.

So here goes

  • fabric diet for a couple of months (apart from furnishing the Bothy)
  • keep a sewing diary to record what I’m doing
  • start doing OurDailyChallenge on Flickr again
  • try to post a photo to most days
  • make sleeves for several projects still hanging on the banisters
  • make a Roman blind for Joshua’s window (I’ve been promising for years and years!)
  • piece the metroland quilt for Joshua before I start the chopsticks one
  • take an online patchwork course
  • use up or sell some of my fabric
  • make more pears….
  • reduce the number of sewing and cookery books that I buy
  • walk for 30 minutes every day
  • use the Wii fit twice a week (I love it when I do!)
  • spend more time actually sewing and knitting and less time prevaricating about what to do
  • watch less television and read more books
  • eat smaller portions, make more soup and spend less on food
  • grow more in the garden and make my own bread
  • have more short breaks (actually have some short breaks!)
That’s quite a lot but I’ve just signed up for the online course and made 2 loaves of soda bread (I know it’s not real bread but it’s quick and tasty!) and posted 2 photos to tumblr.  Now I’m off for a walk and this afternoon I’m going to sew those sleeves and get Richard to hang the quilts. And I’ve made a rather nice pear for my friend Mary and am finishing another.
What are you going to do/not do this year?
Happy New Year!


2 01 2012

Two of my pears in the window of Winds of Change in Winchcombe