The end of the year….

31 12 2011

I have mixed feelings about this year.  There have been lots of highs but some lows as well so I’m looking forward to 2012.  I suppose most years are like that and as time passes we enjoy the highs and forget the lows.  I’ve just been looking through my Flickr photos which now number 981, all of them good memories because of course that is all we photograph and certainly the only ones we share so maybe when I look back 2011 will be a good year.

So what were the good bits?  Well I managed a fabric diet in January/February but overall it seemed to have little effect on my stash.

We’ve restored/built an amazing barn in our garden and it’s finished!  Now for the fun of furnishing it on a shoestring so ebay here I come…

We’ve opened the house and garden for charity events but we could do more and aim to do so next year.

We enjoyed days away in the country and the city, had a great walking holiday in the Alps in Switzerland with friends and a day trip to Paris on Eurostar.  Richard spent 3 weeks cycling with Tom in Peru so I spent longer on my own than ever before and realised that I can enjoy my own company.

Liz and I taught our first ever workshop which we loved and we also enjoyed 4 days at the Festival of quilts in Birmingham.

And of course Brockhampton Quilters had an amazing exhibition in September and raised lots of money. I’ve so enjoyed the meetings, the workshops, the camaraderie and doing this website .

Below you can see my one of my favourite Christmas presents and the bunch of roses I picked this afternoon – a strange year weather wise again.  So farewell to 2011 and I’ll save my plans and new year resolutions for tomorrow!




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