Where do you shop?

21 11 2011

I’ve been to Hobbycraft in Cheltenham today.  It opened at the weekend and was still busy today.  I had a coupon for £5 off if I spent £20.  I left without buying anything partly because I’d rather shop where people can give me help and advice, where I have a wide choice of fabric and beads and threads etc like Sue’s Crafts or the wool shop in Broadway or even the internet where many of the businesses combine real shops with internet sales.

I found the choice and the prices interesting because I was surprised how expensive it seemed.  Of course, I was only comparing the sewing and fabric and wool but the choice of haberdashery and fabric and thread was quite limited and cost much more than I expected.  On the plus side, I could park for free, shop at Sainsburys and buy petrol all in one spot but that isn’t enough for me to shop there and risk losing specialist shops.  If they go then we will be left with the limited offering in Hobbycraft or the internet.  And I for one don’t want that so I’ll pay for parking if necessary to visit Sue or Goosechase and be grateful for the advice and choice on offer.  And of course I’ll buy on the internet for those more unusual fabrics that I can’t resist!

So where will you shop?




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