Things to be happy about!

24 10 2011








I’ve grown some amazing tomatoes this summer and no blight!

It’s half term..

The sun is shining and it’s 15 degrees and windy enough to dry the duvet covers….

It’s sit and sew this week…

It’s almost time for  Christmas patchwork….

It’s Malvern autumn show this week…

I’ve got lots of sewing projects to finish….

I’m going to make quince jelly…..

I’m going to cook and freeze lots of pears and make a fabric one for a good friend…

I would describe myself as a glass half empty person – inside I am a worrier and a pessimist but a few years someone who knows me reasonably well described me as the opposite, a glass half full person.

I was surprised and not sure whether to be pleased or not but it led me to read a book called ‘Mood Mapping’.

The book is about improving emotional health happiness and I took from it is a way to ease inner pessimism into optimism and to look for the pleasure in small everyday and often free things.  So the list above are mostly free or low cost but all of them make me feel like an optimist not a pessimist.  So now I’m off to sew in the sun because the kitchen is clean and tidy, the washing is out and it’s half term!





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