A trip to the V and A for a little inspiration..

10 10 2011

Since I started this blog about 18 months ago, it has received nearly 5000 views so I know that lots of you are looking at it even though it doesn’t get many comments.  I’m glad you’re reading it and I’d love to have the occasional comment on what I write. Today I’ve been thinking about inspiration  and what makes us all create..

This week we enjoyed a visit to the Degas exhibition at the Royal Academy and then to the V and A where we saw a free exhibition called the Power of Making.  It was about human creativity and desire to make things and though some of the exhibits were unusual others like the giant knitting on huge needles were lovely to look at. It had taken several sheep to produce the wool!

We also enjoyed the glass gallery on the 4th floor.  The glass ranges from ancient to modern.  I loved the colour and design and can see why Kaffe Fassett finds the V and A such an inspiring museum. The flower  fragment below is  about 2000 years old and yet in many ways looked quite modern.   The glass cup and saucer  are Swedish and less then 20 years old.  I love the design and colour in both.




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