I love small things…

1 10 2011

I always have too many projects on the go.  I was reminded of this when I took my Dear Jane blocks to patchwork on Thursday evening and there was a lot of discussion about whether I should abandon the project and use what I have already made in a lap quilt.  ‘When did you start this’ is a question I tend to avoid…

But maybe it’s my personality.  Right now I am hand piecing over paper a Japanese box cushion.  I was inspired by the ones at our exhibition but I already had had the kit a while. And I am machine piecing a modern quilt in essex cotton/linen and bright scraps for Joshua’s bedroom and machine quilting a large throw in Oakshott and I have my Noriko Endo picture to finish from the exhibition demonstration.  There is also a pear pincushion almost finished and a few other small and not so small things waiting to do.  You get the picture but that’s just me and I’m not going to change now!

So why you might ask am I showing you this picture from a French blog that I read when I don’t need any more ideas.  Well it’s just so lovely isn’t it? You can see more here and if you can’t read French enjoy the pictures or risk using Google translator





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