Interesting website – Leicen

29 09 2011

We were a small select group at Sit and Sew last night where we sewed with the windows wide open even though it is late September.

Jenny suggested that we look at the Leicen site where there are lots of free patterns for quilts.  Leicen are a Japanese fabric company who use a lot of different designers to produce a wide range of fabric.  The quilt designs are made to sell their new ranges of fabric but of course they can be used with any fabric – after all who needs more fabric?

You can see the site here:

I rather like this Scandinavian Christmas though on such a lovely day Christmas seems far away!  And if I wasn’t dreaming, last Friday I saw a Christmas tree with lights in the window of a flat overlooking Montpellier Gardens in Cheltenham.  I am going to have to go back for another look because I can’t quite believe it…..


Joan’s lap quilt

25 09 2011

Did you spot this lap quilt at the exhibition?  It was made by Joan Holgate and as I got to return it to her I took the chance to take a photo.  The blocks are seriously small but they look so good that Georgina and I are getting out our ‘Dear Jane’ blocks again.  For those of you who don’t know what Dear Jane is use google!  There are 169 blocks to make, all different and only 4 inches plus pieced triangles all round the outside.  I’ve made 64 so at one more a week that’s probably only about three years work!  And Georgina has made fewer…  Maybe a lap quilt is the way to go!

We can quilt well but boy can we make cake!

18 09 2011

My bag for the BQ bag raffle

12 09 2011

When I started making this bag, I did so because I didn’t like the fabric that much so I thought it would be easy to give away but now I like it so much that I might have to buy a ticket myself!

Cute or what?…….

10 09 2011

The sleeves for the exhibition are done, the labels are stitched on(!) so as it was raining I thought I’d make a fabric box.  What do you think?

Dying fabric is such fun…

7 09 2011

I had my niece Rosa to stay for a week in the school holiday. We decided to do some dying.  This is the fabric that Rosa produced – it was amazingly beautiful and I didn’t want her to take it home! We used the method that Di Wells used at the dying workshop with Dylon dye in plastic bags.  The 2 dyes were tulip red and navy blue.  It’s so exciting after all that rinsing when you finally get to iron the fabric dry to see what you have created.  I uses turquoise blue and sunflower yellow for mine and it is lovely but I’m still coveting those dark blues….