Blue Star Quilt

31 07 2011

At Sit and Sew this week Jeanette showed us this lovely star quilt she has made.  The fabric is by Andover called French Farmhouse – not available any more but the pattern is a free download here.

The site has lots of other free patterns as well so worth a look.

I have added it to the sidebar of the website for future reference.  Jeanette says it  looks quite complex but is a very easy design to make so ideal for a reasonably quick quilt.  She machine quilted it herself and that looked fantastic.  I hope she is putting it in the exhibition so you can see it for real as the picture doesn’t really do it justice!


Mini Quilts

21 07 2011

If you have not yet made a mini quilt for the challenge then there are a few ideas for you here on one of my favourite blogs called purlbee.  Purl have knitting and sewing shops in Soho in New York and are number one on my list of places to shop when I am lucky enough to be in the US

I’ve just returned from Switzerland and I have done no shopping at all whilst there!  Everything is so expensive!  I know fabric seems expensive here but just try shopping in Switzerland.  At least the Alps are free!

Our Quilt Show!

9 07 2011


1 07 2011

The sun shone on us and our garden and the pond last Sunday (almost too much!) and we raised money for charity and sold lots of raffle tickets.  This week I have basked in the joy of a relatively tidy garden with a limited number of weeds whilst I slogged through the last few hours of exam marking.  And now I’ve finished and there is that strange feeling of anticlimax.  I’m at a loss as to what to do first.  I could do some washing, clean or iron but I’d really like to sew.  There are those unfinished projects that should be done for the show in September.  I haven’t updated this blog for a few weeks so now I have the time and I’m back on the computer writing this piece instead of checking exam answers.  You can guess which I enjoy most!

For the last few days, I’ve been thinking about Nora and the suddenness with which we can lose those we care for.  I first met Nora at the quilting class in Winchcombe and though I didn’t know her well I always enjoyed her company.  She was someone who just got on with what needed doing and I always admire that attitude.  She left Brockhampton Quilters this year while she and Barry were travelling so much.  This is what she said in her last email:

I’ve really enjoyed the time I have spent with Brockhampton Quilters but for now I’d like to give it a rest as we spend so much time travelling.  I’m off to Oz in three weeks time and have other plans for Europe in May/June & again in September but I am not giving up my hobby, I’m still very productive.
I love the underlined ‘not’ and her determination and her love of travel and of life is how I will remember her.
The picture is of Nora, at the BQ Christmas hat evening in 2009 – the hat was her own creation!