Quilters Guild, York

21 04 2011

We had a few days away last week in Yorkshire, Northumberland and occasionally across the border in Scotland.  We managed to fit in 2 visits to Salts Mill at Saltaire where there are lots of pictures by David Hockney on show, a walk along the beach, a visit to Paxton House in Scotland where the Prestonpans tapestry is on show and finally some time in York visiting the quilt museum, walking the walls and seeing the huge painting by David Hockney in the York art gallery.  Everywhere we went there seemed to be masses of daffodils and we enjoyed being away from all the jobs that need doing at home!

On our second visit to Salts Mill  there was an exhibition by the Yorkshire fashion archive of clothes from the 1950’s with photographs of the people who made or bought them.  It was fascinating to see the actual clothes and read the history of the  wedding dress, suits and party dresses on display.  One dress was made by an arts student from fabric that she printed herself – it reminded me of  Ineke Berlyn making her mother of the bride dress from fabric she printed herself.  I also loved the hand made buttons on the dress made from suiting wool. It made me wonder how many of the clothes we buy today will be in a museum in 50 years time. You can see the hand printed dress above.

At the Quilt museum, the Quilt 25 show was on (the one that should have been in Gloucester next month)  It was good but no pictures allowed so below is a picture of the outside of the museum where there is a lovely garden. You can see the picture below.




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