Hand Quilting

4 02 2011






I’ve started quilting my Oakshott star quilt now that I have finished my exam marking.  I’m using a dark grey Aurafil thread which looks nice and is great to stitch with.  I’ve also made 3 cushions from furnishing fabric and finished a small cushion using the Oakshott left over squares.

In January (to divert myself from fabric sites!) I joined a Flickr group called Our Daily Challenge.  Every morning a topic is posted and then if you want to, you have a week to post a photo for that topic.  Members comment on each others photos.  Most members take better photos than I do and usually have better cameras but I’m really enjoying it and have taken part most days.

You can see my set of photos here


and the group is here


On the topic of ‘glimpse’ I got 23 comments which is pretty high for me!

Sue Grundy is on the fabric diet with me.  She has also been working hard to use her fabric and in January used 9 yards mainly on cushions and bags.  That is quite an achievement so I’m trying to catch her up this month.




One response

7 02 2011
Sue Watters

Susan thanks for the offer of a Flickr lesson. I think I have mastered what I need for this project.
Not really sure I want to be on fabric diet as from what I can gather from the bloggers in the USA because of the cotton crop being devastated in China fabric prices will be rising to 13 to 14 dollars a yard.
We may all be forced to go on a fabric diet at some point but until then I am over indulging in a lot of American shops sales.
Love your Oakshott star quilt.

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