My name is Susan and I have a lot of fabric..

31 12 2010

This morning, I was discussing with my family a story in the Guardian about a man who decided to spend a year without buying any new clothes.

When Barnaby suggested that I might spend a year without buying any fabric there was a gasp from Richard who suggested that if Barnaby wanted to see 2011 he should think very carefully about what he said next….

But on line I see there is a group of quilters who are going to try an 8 week fabric diet.  Now a year is unthinkable but 8 weeks – I think I could do it!

I’ve started by sort of virtual shopping – I shop online, put fabric in my basket but I don’t check out so I don’t actually buy it.  It’s like the quilting equivalent of nicorette patches for smokers…..

So does anyone want to join me?

Happy new year




2 responses

31 12 2010

That is such a good idea, but I have to confess I’ve already ordered some since Christmas. But no more for 8 weeks, I can try that.

1 01 2011

Sounds like a good plan, a year is way too scary. I’m happy to aim for 8 weeks though.

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