My name is Susan and I have a lot of fabric..

31 12 2010

This morning, I was discussing with my family a story in the Guardian about a man who decided to spend a year without buying any new clothes.

When Barnaby suggested that I might spend a year without buying any fabric there was a gasp from Richard who suggested that if Barnaby wanted to see 2011 he should think very carefully about what he said next….

But on line I see there is a group of quilters who are going to try an 8 week fabric diet.  Now a year is unthinkable but 8 weeks – I think I could do it!

I’ve started by sort of virtual shopping – I shop online, put fabric in my basket but I don’t check out so I don’t actually buy it.  It’s like the quilting equivalent of nicorette patches for smokers…..

So does anyone want to join me?

Happy new year


Something strange is happening to me..

17 12 2010

I don’t know what is causing it but I keep finding myself drawn to photos on Flickr of applique and in particular the work of a quilter called Sue Spargo.

Sue does the most amazing applique, often of flowers and leaves in a modern style using a mixture of wool and cotton and with the most inventive embellishment.  I wish she lived near enough to do a workshop for us!

This is a photo of her work and a link to her blog and a gallery of photos made by her students.  What do you think?

More Christmas pictures….

16 12 2010

From Janette, here are some lovely pictures of Christmas sewing.  Isn’t this lovely? The bird looks like a red cardinal to me.  Come along in January and see the wall hanging for real!


Christmas is coming…..

3 12 2010

Well my blue and gold birds are finished at last – a delight of fabric,  sequins and beads.  I am really pleased with them and the 10 birds are now hanging from my mantelpiece.  You can see one set below. They look comfortable in their new home.