A beautiful sunny day today!

15 11 2010

I kept reaching for the camera today because the sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was hard to believe it is November.

I’ve uploaded a few pictures on to Flickr….


I’m also thinking about what to make at the Christmas workshop in a couple of weeks time.  The workshops have been so popular that Georgina has done an extra one this year. I really look forward to the day as a chance to relax with friends and it makes a real start to the Christmas season.  I’ve  been looking at what I have made over the years:  bell pull, stuffed goose, various sorts of Christmas trees from hanging ones to those made from folded triangles (3 times!), fabric covered ring, fabric covered balls, fandangos, fabric boxes, stockings, tree decorations, 2 sets of black, pink and gold birds and an unfinished set of blue and gold birds.  I love the birds so much that they hang all year and the original set now need  repairing!

There are so many things to choose from but I often go for something to make by hand so that I can chat and sew at the same time.  If you are going what are you going to make?

I thought that I’d add some links to Christmas turorials or photos so let me know if you have any favourites.  Meanwhile this afternoon I have made a couple of these stars.  You need to work out how to draw a pentagon (5 sided shape) first but once I’d done a bit of construction with the help of wikipedia I’ve made a couple.  They are very quick and I added a bit of wadding to the second one which improves them I think.

The tutorial is here