Noriko Endo Masterclass

23 08 2010

On Thursday, we did a masterclass with Noriko called Confetti Naturescapes.  It was a truly inspiring day where we went from a postcard to an almost finished piece in less than 6 hours.  The technique involved cutting up fabric into very small pieces (hard on the wrists and the cutting mat!) and then laying the colours on to backing and wadding, covering in black tulle and machine quilting everything down using invisible thread.  The next stage is to add more fabric, then a bit of  ‘Noriko magic’ involving black, pink and turquoise fabric so fine it was almost dust and a second piece of tulle. Noriko was very inspired by Van Gogh who did the same with paint.  Then we did some  serious machine quilting to hold everything together and add detail, shading and interest.  Before it is quilted, it is quite vulnerable to movement and at one point I realised that one of my trees had slipped into the sky without me noticing.  It’s back in place now but I don’t recommend unpicking on tulle under the lights in the Crowne Plaza bedrooms!

Liz and I were both very pleased with what we produced and the pictures below show the creation of my piece.  Now I just need to add the detail and finish it!




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