Inspiration from BQ members

31 03 2010

Jeanette suggests that we link with her quilt group in Maryland, the Faithful Circle Quilters

It reminded me that I first started quilting when we spent a year in America in 1987/1988.  I joined a class in Allentown, New Jersey and for 6 weeks on Saturday mornings I learned the basics of patchwork and quilting.  As I was English, the class members were convinced that I would be a source of information about the Royal Family.  I had to work hard to keep them entertained as I knew little about the Royals!

After the classes ended I borrowed a book from the library and started a black and purple wallhanging inspired by Amish colours.  I pieced it all by hand as my sewing machine was in the UK.  Once it was finished and ready to quilt, it travelled with me as we drove from East Coast to West Coast.  I spent many hours, happily stitching while the boys played in a variety of playgrounds, sandpits and motel swimming pools.  When I look at the quilt now I can feel the sunshine and hear the sounds of those weeks and I realise how many memories can be stitched into a quilt.

Jeanette also recommends one of her favourite blogs

Kate recommends a site she uses because they have great tutorials

Lots of you have been looking at this site so if you have a favourite website or blog to recommend then leave a comment or email me and I’ll post it.


Pincushion Possibilities!

29 03 2010

I’ve been looking for interesting pincushion patterns that are not too hard to make and will be attractive to visitors at our exhibition next year.

I have just produced my first pear pincushion using a pattern in one of my Japanese books.  It was easier than I expected but took quite a bit of stuffing! It is about 6 inches tall including the felt stalk.

I’m pleased with my first attempt.  What do you think?

Terry Kramzar – fibre artist

24 03 2010

I saw this lovely quilt in the new Quitmania magazine.  It is called Field of Greens and it is green and very symmetrical so it ticks lots of boxes for me!  It is made by Terry Kramzar and you can read more about her here:

V and A Quilts Exhibition

22 03 2010

The V and A quilt exhibition is certainly generating a lot of press coverage.  It is their fastest selling exhibition ever.

There was an interesting piece on Woman’s Hour this morning on the quilt exhibition.  Some of the exhibits sound extraordinary (and not necessarily in a good way!) but there are also lots of old and interesting quilts to see.

You can listen to the item here

There was also a piece on Channel 4 about the quilt made by girl guides in the Changi prisoner of war camp.

Welcome to Brockhampton Quilters Website

19 03 2010

This is the first post for Brockhampton Quilters website.  We plan to use this site to provide information for members and perhaps to attract some new members.  We can post links to websites for our speakers and  for national exhibitions.

We can list our favourite websites/blogs, provide information about our meetings and about national exhibitions and put links to photos on Flickr.