Brockhampton Quilters Exhibition 2019

17 03 2019

Our biennial exhibition is on the weekend September 14th and 15th September.

We will have a great display of quilts, wallhangings and all things fabric related! There will be traders and demonstrations and of course the wonderful catering that we are rightly famous for!

Our tombola (Christmas themed) and our group raffle quilt will both be raising funds for James Hopkins Trust

The quilt below is our raffle quilt.

IMG_2916 (2)



Swedish Fabric Stars

14 09 2019

We have made lots of these stars for our Christmas tombola and at our exhibition I am demonstrating the method for making them.

There are lots of tutorials on how to make them on youtube and pinterest: Fabric Stars Instructions

Swedish Fabric Stars Instructions







Gelli Plate printing with KATE ANDRÉ

17 03 2019

On Wednesday evening at our March meeting, we enjoyed learning to use a gelli plate with acrylic paint on paper and fabric.  Some of us were experienced gelli plate users but many were gelli ‘virgins’ so this was a new experience.  Whatever our skills, we all learnt a lot and Kate proved to be an excellent teacher! I personally find gelli printing quite addictive and regularly play.  Now I just have to use all those samples.

Inspiration from Maria Thomas – September 2018

23 09 2018

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this talk as I knew little about Maria and her work. It turned out to be one of the most interesting talks we have experienced as Maria’s work and her life experiences are inextricably combined.  Maria is a highly entertaining speaker and her work is fascinating.  By the end of the evening, we had all laughed a lot and we felt we had learnt a huge amount of social history covering the last 100 years from Maria’s descriptions of her family background. The detail in her work and the use of everyday materials that so many of us either throw away (or hoard with no sense of future use!) was topical and I’m sure all those present will look at their lists and bottle tops with a new purpose!  Maria has been an Art Quilt winner at the Festival of Quilts and was generous in showing us her work and explaining her techniques. Below you can see one of her quilts using spoons and one of her amazing jackets.

Her website is here:

Maria Thomas 3

MTT No.1crumpet.2

July with Edwina MacKinnon on eco dying

23 09 2018

This year we have had to change a number of our published talks and workshops due to ill health or family/diary problems experienced by the speakers.  Luckily in July, Edwina MacKinnon stepped into the breach and gave an excellent talk on her experience of eco dying.  I was delighted to see her beautiful completed jackets at the Festival of Quilts in August.  I just wanted to take them home with me as they were spectacular!

Alison Holt Workshop

24 01 2018

We are looking forward to a talk and workshop with Alison on Friday 20th April at 7.30pm (talk) and Saturday 21st April (workshop).

Details are on the Workshops page above


Cathedral Window Workshop with Stuart Hillard – November 2017

24 01 2018

Brockhampton Quilters love Stuart and this was his second workshop for us. By our next show and tell we had more completed items than I ever remember, a tribute to his skill and enthusiasm.  This was a machine technique which worked well for all participants as you can see from the finished photos of cushions and table runners. It was amazing to see how the same pattern produces such different images because of the fabric choice.

Jane's finishedIMG_6013 (2)IMG_5970 (2)IMG_5966 (2)IMG_5976 (2)IMG_5990 (2)img_6044-2.jpgIMG_6248 (2)IMG_6246 (2)IMG_6242 (2)